The Shy Guy Dating Coach
Maximise Your Chances of Meeting Someone Special.

In private coaching sessions and group workshops we’ll work together to help you overcome all of your dating hurdles.

Understand Them

  • Discover why they aren’t texting back, even when you thought the date went amazingly.
  • Learn the differences between what men and women are looking for, and how to use that knowledge to your advantage.
  • How to decode their text messages, discover the true meaning, and respond accordingly.
  • What you need to do to maintain their interest over time.

Increase Your Chances

  • Handle rejection in a way that actually boosts your chances of finding someone.
  • Reduce nerves and boost confidence before a date.
  • Get over an ex and move on.
  • Learn secret body language moves which will make you instantly more attractive.
  • Improve your flirting and conversational skills in order to create that ‘spark’ and never have a boring date again.
  • Create the type of relationship you want, be that short-term, long-term, monogamous or non-monogamous.
  • Identify patterns in your past relationships and current behaviour that are stopping you getting what you want.

Online Dating

  • Decide which dating apps and websites are a waste of time and which will get you results.
  • Review and update your online dating profile for maximum effectiveness, including re-writing text and choosing the best photos to attract exactly who you want.
  • Teach you strategies to maximise your chances of landing a date given the competitive environment.
  • Understand what and when to message in order to get noticed.
What People Say
I Turn Singles Into Couples.

I know how much of a struggle modern dating can be.

Whether you are too nervous to talk to strangers, keep being ghosted, run out of things to say, can’t get past the first date, or simply can’t find quality prospects, I can help.

As a coach I can help you attract the person of your dreams and create your ideal relationship.

I differ from the majority of dating coaches because I attack from three angles: Mindset, Language and Logistics.

I believe you won’t find someone amazing until you truly love yourself. Most of my work with you will focus on building a bulletproof dating mindset, where your self-confidence and self-esteem are supercharged.

You’ll learn how to deal with rejection and anxiety, so you are ready to take on the challenge of the dating world.

Only then can we work on practical tips such as where to find potential matches, re-vitalising that tired online dating profile, and working on your body language, conversation skills, and flirting.

I do this through a mixture of coaching, mentoring and practical exercises, via  1-on-1 sessions or group workshops.

By the end of our time together you’ll be more confident, powerful and happier, qualities which will display themselves in all areas of your life, not just dating.


In my teenage years and early twenties I always wanted that feeling of being supremely self-confident in all situations, but I struggled with shyness, never knowing what to say, feeling as though I couldn’t just relax and be myself, and generally feeling awkward in social situations.

My name is Ed, and I am The Shy Guy.

I missed out on life, turned down social events, and stayed at home all to avoid having to interact with people. The biggest area that suffered was my love life – it was non-existent!

One day I decided I needed to change, and so began a decade of self-development, of taking control, and transforming myself from being the person who always wanted to blend into the background to the guy who loves going out and meeting new people.

Along the way I practised meditation, hypnosis, visualisation, positive mindset, persuasion and body language techniques to generate rapid rapport with anyone, be memorable, increase the number of dates I went on, and become the most happy and positive person I can be. (It’s an ongoing process!)

Now I feel just as happy chatting to a few friends as I do stepping onto a stage in front of one hundred people, or talking to a beautiful woman. My improved confidence has allowed me to do things I used to dream of.

Life is full of opportunities which require self-confidence. Getting that promotion, getting that second date, asking the person of your dreams out, presenting your ideas at work. I want to help you achieve all of that and more, by teaching you everything I’ve learned, so you can be who you really long to be.

My Promise To You...

Attract more people into your life, improve your dating, and find someone special.

Increase your options.

Dating is a numbers game. The question is, what’s your number right now? Let me help you make more connections, bring more potential partners into your life, and increase the number of successful dates you go on.

Become more attractive.

Can you become more attractive to the opposite sex without changing yourself physically? Yes you can! I’ll show you proven techniques to maximise your chances of creating that spark with anyone you meet, and get them noticing you, and chasing you.

Create your ideal relationship.

Are you looking for a casual fling, something more long-term, or something in between. There are all okay, and I’ll help you achieve the type of relationship you desire, whatever form that takes.

3 signs you need a dating coach...

1. You experience extreme bouts of Online Dating Rage.

Cute Couple Envy

2. You suffer from chronic Cute Couple Envy.

No Viable Prospects

3. You’ve caught a severe case of No Viable Prospects.

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