1 Tip to Instantly Be More Attractive to Women

Practise this 1 body language tip to instantly become more attractive to women.

Video Transcript

Hi, Ed here from theshyguy.co.uk, and today I’m going to give the guys one tip to be more attractive when they’re talking to a woman.

In my mind, the reason we get attracted to other people is because we sense the polarity between the masculine and feminine energy. Women tend to have more feminine energy and men tend to have more masculine energy. So if you can find ways to emphasis ways as a guy, your masculine energy, and as a girl, emphasise your feminine energy, you’re more likely to attract, in a much stronger way, people of the opposite sex.

Now feminine energy is very flowing, it’s very nurturing, it changes constantly and it kind of lives in the moment and can vary massively. The masculine energy is much more directional. As guys, we want to get to the end, we want to finish something. That is a masculine trait. So how can you give that impression and enhance that part of your masculinity when you’re talking.

Well you use your body language and you slow down.

Okay, remember the feminine is very fluid so when you’re still, when you’re not moving, when your movements are deliberate, when your voice is slower, it gives you that charisma. It makes people want to listen to you. As a guy, if you’re always looking around, it seems jumpy. It seems nervous. If you’re tapping your fingers on the table. If you’re always one of those guys who’s jiggling their leg up and down.

These are all giving off feminine vibes. This is feminine energy, and you want to not do that. You want to be still, you want to be calm. This will give you the masculine and allow masculine energy to appear. This is very subtle. If you’re in an event, which is a kind of a more high energy environment, it’s okay to move around. It’s okay to be higher energy.

But at points, you want to be still. You want to have your feet firmly rooted on the floor when you’re talking to someone. You don’t want to be shifting about. You don’t want your weight to be shifting around or your arms to be moving around too much.

Be still, be calm.

Imagine that your body and all your limbs are in, let’s say, treacle.

So whenever you do move, your movements are much, much slower.

A great example of this if you want to see examples in film, is Daniel Craig in Casino Royale, the James Bond film.

There is a scene where he’s on the train before the poker game and when he’s talking to this woman across the table from him, he is dead still. Nothing in his body is moving. Even his eyes (learn about flirty eye contact for women), he is locked in to listening to what she is saying. There’s no nervous movement, it’s absolutely still. And then the scene later, when they’re during the poker game, and he goes to the bar and he’s talking to her, again all his movements, they’re very laid back, at the same time that they’re quite poised and still. So guys, slow the fuck down.

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