The Most Attractive Quality You Can Have


It’s what makes us unique. It differentiates us from the crowd. It’s that magical thing which gives us the X factor.

It’s the one quality you can’t fake in yourself or mistake in others. It pulls us in like a magnetic force. It’s what keeps the conversation flowing when others dry up.

Having depth to your character makes you easy to engage with. It helps you attract someone who shares your values and makes them wants to stick around and find out more about you.

Without it you are another face in the crowd. A brief, unmemorable encounter.

But how do you develop depth to your life? Climb Everest? Sail the world? Become a celebrity?

Achieving those things would no doubt add facets and intrigue to your life. But you may not aspire to those things.

And there lies the answer. What is it that you want to do? What is it that you aspire to become? What makes you get out of bed on a cold Monday morning? What drives you, motivates you, compels you to act?

Stop plodding along in life, being carried aimlessly like a bottle bobbing in the vast ocean. Take responsibility for you life. Own it, embrace it, respect it.

I urge you to discover your dreams and passions and then pursue them with a persistence and drive so determined you cannot fail.

That’s what gives you depth. That’s what makes you interesting.

That’s what makes you, you.


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