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Is Positive Thinking Making Us Depressed?

Positive thing not all it’s cracked up to be?

Today I listened to this 3 minute clip where a Danish professor and psychologist suggests positive thinking is overrated and you should sack your coach.

My thoughts?

I agree society is becoming more anxious because we are constantly made to believe we should be happy, successful and rich. It’s tough not feel this way when social media only shows us the positive spin on the lives of others. There’s a false weight of expectation thrust upon us.

I therefore agree it is okay to not always feel positive, happy and upbeat. We need to accept negative feelings as part of life and learn how to deal with them, as well as learning that comparing our lives to others is the fasted way to disappointment and potentially a whole host of emotional problems.

As for sacking your coach…

Being a coach I’m biased. There are many styles of coaching. As with everything, some will work for you and some won’t. I don’t accept coaching is a complete waste of time or that it has no benefits, or that aiming to develop and improve yourself is doomed to fail.

I’ve seen just how dramatic a change people (including myself) can go through with a little guidance.

So be compassionate towards yourself, accept you won’t always feel your best and that’s okay, and don’t fire your coach just yet.

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