How to Meet Someone Special in 6 Months or Less

In this video I talk about the 4 components that you can work on to improve your chances of dating success and meeting your perfect partner.

The 4 components are Mindset, Interactions, Visual Attractiveness and Charisma.

Mindset is your general attitude to dating. How self-confident your are, how much effort you put into dating, and how much you believe you can improve your dating abilities.

Interactions is the number of conversations you get in to with someone you are attracted to. If you met 1,000 people do you think you’d find someone to be in a relationship with? I think you would, so get out there and meet more people. You can be the best looking and most charismatic guy or girl but if you never speak to anyone, you’re not going to find love.

Visual attractiveness is how you use style and your body to present the best version of yourself. Both sexes can increase their attractiveness by developing confident body language, and dressing correctly for their body shape to accentuate masculine or feminine energy.

And finally there’s Charisma (or mental attractiveness). You can be the most good looking person around but if you have no personality you’re going to bomb. Likewise, if you aren’t the best looking person you can still become more attractive by enhancing your charisma.

To develop charisma you must develop three areas: Power, Presence and Warmth. Power is done through dress, social status, voice tonality and status. Presence is about connecting to the here and now, rather than being stuck in your head, and worrying about the future or past. And warmth is about being non-judgemental, compassionate, kind and funny, bringing your positive energy to other people.

Pick the area you believe is holding you back right now and make a commitment to work on it.

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