The Secrets of Eye Contact Flirting for Women

Learn why men don’t always notice your interest in them, and how to telegraph it more obviously so your get the RIGHT type of men approaching you.

Women are far better at reading body language than men. If you can read these subtle signals you can understand what someone is thinking and feeling. The feminine is nurturing and caring, so having these mind reading abilities would make you are more empathetic and understanding care giver.

When you are at a bar flirting, men won’t always notice you are flirting with them. You will believe you are giving them the most obvious signals in the world, but they won’t pick up on them.

In order to attract a man, you must telegraph your interest multiple times, sometimes 3-5 times. In this video I explain how best to use eye contact when trying to attract a guy’s attention from across the room, and the psychology behind it.

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