A Single Guy Tried to Find a Date the ‘Old-Fashioned’ Way

Despite using a pretty terrible approach, he had the confidence to get out there and try something new, and it worked for him. Be inspired to try something new today.
For those who want my more technical breakdown:
Asking a woman as your opening line “Do you want to go on a date with me?” will never work. Why? In a word, SAFETY. The woman has no idea if you are a threat to her.
As the video progresses you see the man alter his approach to start a conversation, hold it for a few minutes to demonstrate he is not a threat, and THEN ask the woman on a date. This is more successful.
In some exchanges he is relegated to qualifying himself to the woman as to why he would make a good boyfriend, and yet he never asks why they would make a good girlfriend. He has selected them based on their physical appearance alone (and I would argue even resorts to asking women who are NOT his physical type because he is losing hope due to constant rejection by women who are), but women need the physical appearance AND the masculine traits. He’s a good-looking guy, so if women selected on physical appearance alone he would not need to do anything else other than ask them on a date.
Another thing to improve would be the air of desperation. Woman want a confidence man who can PROVIDE and PROTECT (See 4:17 in the video where the woman takes about finding men attractive who can fix things – these are provide and protect qualities – she wants to know he can keep her safe!).
He does little to telegraph these attributes of his personality, instead relying on begging them for a date (what power dynamic is this going to lead to in a relationship?). Towards the end of the video, when he does get the dates, he starts to display his more natural personality which DOES convey these traits.
The trick is to display these right from the get go.
Regardless, it is an inspiring and well made video. He had the courage to go out and TAKE ACTION, which is more than most. He didn’t sit at home blaming everyone else or playing the victim. For that he deserves a massive amount of credit.
Approaching women is TOUGH for most men. I don’t think women realise quite how tough, and why they keep being approached by the same type of guys in bars and clubs and never meet someone suitable for a relationship.
Relationships are simply on-going exchanges between two people. Learn to be natural, (and not just “be yourself”) but also display the qualities which the other sex will find attractive. Then get out there and start interacting with people!

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